Intersil SoC for wlan APs

Latest news

  • 13 apr 2006 - Markus Lauer made pictures (top view) of the PCB for the Sitecom WL-122. They look very much like the Fujistu-Siemens AP600 and the Medion MD40900.
  • 20 mar 2006 - New source toolchain available for recent linux distributions. Binary toolchains (i386, ppc) also available. Thanks to
  • 4 jan 2006 - Ruben Faelens has summarised some of the info on the mailing list.
  • 20 jun 2005 - Project for implementing a softmac for prism54 based chipsets.
  • 23 dec 2004 - Interesting page on howto load a new firmware through TFTP.
  • 8 july 2004 - Serial port is working on the Netgear wg602v2. Picture, plans, and dmesg output.
  • 27 may 2004 - Some pictures and information (in german) about the Medion MD40900.
  • 14 may 2004 - Netgear has finally released the sources for the wg602v2 here. Thanks Sidney Boumendil.
  • 24 apr 2004 - New version of the sources for the Fujistsu-Siemens here [77MO].
  • 17 apr 2004 - GPL testing in court by the Netfilter/Iptables team, due to refuse to give source code of the Sitecom WL-122 (isl3893 based!). In the same time, some source code has appeared on the webserver of Sitecom.
  • 01 apr 2004 - added infos and GPL code for Medion MD40900.
  • 26 mar 2004 - added an image of ap600 with serial console attached.
  • 24 mar 2004 - extracted a couple of patches from different firmware versions available -- erich.
  • 16 mar 2004 - Get tty serial console on a smc2804wbr. Go on the hacking page.
  • 12 mar 2004 - Developpers wanted for recoding eth driver and installing a free booter: see the join page.
  • 09 mar 2004 - Siemens has released some source code for their Wlanap600. Seems that the kernel tar file is not complete...
  • 04 mar 2004 - I received an answer from GlobespanVirata regarding licencing questions of their devkit: MVC is clearly proprietary (so as to keep FCC compliance?). Do we think to replace this MVC stuff by another booter? Here's the letter from the Legal Departement.
  • 03 mar 2004 - Hardware list a little bit updated. Still looking for owners, FCC-IDs, and more technicals details... Please contribute!
  • 01 mar 2004 - Kernel+romfs succesfully compiled. Need to get the MVC part from the original wet54g firmware update.
  • 15 feb 2004 - Linksys has released the source code for the wet54gv2.
  • 01 feb 2004 - Netgear WG602v2 is running linux.

About isl3893

ISL3893 is an ARM9 SoC (System On Chip) made by Intersil which contains 2 eth, 1 AES encryption module, USB1.1Host (no power), JTAG, MMCs, serial, etc. This chip is used with the isl3680 to built cheap 54g wireless access points.
The reference design of Intersil nammed ISL39300A embeds a modified version of uCLinux, and other tools (ucdist).


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